Linda Sherman
Facebook is Smart About Birthdays

Have you noticed how smart the Facebook platform is on supporting birthday greetings? With Timeline, they added a tidy box that gathers all your birthday greetings into one place. It says ‘xxx friends posted on xx’s timeline on her/his birthday.’ But actually it is smarter than that. 

Birthday greetings that come in early (in my case from Japan) and birthday greetings that come in after your birthday also get put in the box. So please don’t worry about being late, and just send your greeting. As to how many days that works for, I will let you know. {Birthday was May 7, pulled to box May 6 through May 8 but not May 9).

Facebook knows to pick up birthday greetings in other languages such as: “Hau’oli la hanau” and “Happy Birfday.”

I am celebrating Birthday Week, so for me no greeting is late. Trying to cram all that wonderfulness into one day? Why do that. I have been celebrating Birthday Week for many years.

Here is a post I wrote about Birthday week and how to use your blog to create a birthday giftfor a loved one.

When you have a Facebook Birthday, here are some things you can do to make it easier for your friends to send you greetings.

Open your Facebook wall to posts. Even if it is only on that day. If you are worried about apps such as Farmville splaying on your wall, just block them in your privacy settings. 

Try to post a photo to do with your ongoing birthday. Star it on your Timeline so that people can’t miss it. You can see what I did on my Facebook personal profile. Note that because it goes wide, it is best to start with a horizontal photo.

I saw one person express concern that because all the Facebook greetings had been gathered into a box on her Timeline, she couldn’t respond individually to each one. You can. Just click on their greeting (not their name) and it will open up each post one at a time for you to comment on.

Enjoy your Facebook Birthday!